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Our blog is totally in NoveLis's top four friends on Myspace, we weren't up there just yesterday (I love you Ko-ki xD)

I wonder, as it is nearing the release of their 4th single, how many foreign fans have been able to listen to the 3rd completely.
All I can really say is that I am so proud. (;_;)

I never really noticed Reno-san's guitar skills (I knew he had them after watching the videos on his blog) until the solos in the 3rd single.
As for Rui-san, his voice is so pretty. (sigh)
Ko-ki-san's drumming will always impress me.
yuky-san is amazing as usual, even if it takes a while to be able to pick out his bass.
I actually noticed Sakura-san this time, this single really is making me love the whole band so much, I feel almost like a proud mother.

I really love the sound of this single, which is strange because it's relaxing in an odd way, yet I hate relaxing songs.

Anywho school... yay

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Today you would've been celebrating the pass of another year under your belt, instead all of your fans are celebrating for you, still, after 9 years everyone remembers you.  Many give you the pink haired salute, many musicians wouldn't be musicians if not for you, you changed so many lives when you were alive, and even now you continue changing lives...

Today, although sad, is a day to celebrate your birth, because, if you weren't born, there would be no hide to mourn, so many people would be lost...  none of the changes that you inspired in people would've happened...

I tip my hat and raise my glass to you,
Happy birthday Matsumoto Hideto.



(゚□゚) Oh...my...god!

If I've read Ko-ki's recent blog entry correctly, omgomgomg, I think NoveLis will be having their first one-man live on the 2nd of February next year at--eeeh, unsure of the actual name, I always forget, but babelfish and denshi jisho translate it as Meguro Deer Ringing Mansion--目黒鹿鳴館.

This is one of those moments in time where I've lost all sense, and am currently flipping out like a rabid fangirl, even though I won't ever be able to go, even if ~magical~ fairy god mothers existed.

Although, that doesn't mean I can't be the happiest fan alive, right?
I mean, my favourite fricking band is finally going to have their first one-man!

I'm so proud of them!
おめでと( ^-^)∠☆PAN~♪

I really wish I could be there, to cheer them on, but knowing that, without a doubt, others will be there, cheering them on, that makes me so happy, even if I can't be there.

I await the day you can come perform in America.
With this one step, you will be even closer.

NoveLis, do your best!
I know you will do great!
I will cheer you on all the way from California!  Please listen out for my voice~ (^w^)

I know you can do it! o(^-^)o

Note~: If it's not their first one-man, which I really believe it is, I don't care.. it's the first one-man I've heard of and I am sooooooooo ecstatic!

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Bwaha! I finally figured out how to change my regional settings! 嬉しい です!




あ-I need a Japanese dictionary and Japanese classes...I still know nothing.
One quarter left until I get to take evening classes-!


I'm going to cry if the characters are turned into little squares. (;_;)

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  ~ You're sitting in Physics, taking notes, when you hear your teacher mention the equation, t =  2d/a, you immediately think, "Tsunehito is the square root of double D over Asagi"

Yes, I am nuts.
JRock has taken over my life, and mind.

Oh, while I'm on JRock, if any fanfic writers somehow stumble upon this--
 Instead of always writing about Reita and Ruki like the rest of the world maybe you can step forth from the crowd and write about NoveLis, ya?
 Sounds good to me. ^^

Why don't you write it?
Because I can't write worth crap. XD

Woo!  JRock&&Visual Kei has now hit 2k views a day... had to squeak somewhere.
Ureshii desu. ^^

Oh yeah, you should check out NoveLis, they truly rock for such a young band. ^^
That, and Ko-ki, the drummer, has to be one of the cutest people ever, watching the little clip on his yaplog makes me smile every time.
Such energy... I hope they make it in the JRock world.
I believe novelis.in is their site.

...Homework here I come. (;-_-)

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